Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 Tablet
Various Gadgets | Windows 8 Tablet | As we all know, windows is the biggest company in the world. now they launch a tablet PC called Windows 8 Tablet. want to know more? read his review below. 

A leaked Dell roadmap obtained by Android Central shows that the company plans to have a Windows 8 tablet ready for the first quarter of 2012.  The tablet, codenamed Peju has been pencilled in for the first three months of next year.  This is a good six months before the expected launch of Microsoft’s next desktop operating system.
It’s likely at this stage that Dell plan to unveil the tablet at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in January and that this isn’t a schedule for the tablet actually going on sale.  It’s the first hint we’ve had though about Windows 8 tablets.

Last month Microsoft announced that their next generation operating system would run on ARM processors who power the vast majority or smartphones and many tablets.  These low-power, low cost processors are perfect for these types of devices.

All this has come about because computing power has reached a level where these low-power components can power a device through 90% of the everyday tasks users will want to do.

It is still possible at this stage that the ARM release of Windows 8 will come ahead of its desktop equivalent, though this is unlikely. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft have planned however and this is confirmation that Microsoft are finally taking the tablet market seriously.

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