Friday, July 29, 2011

Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2
Various Gadgets | Apple iPad 2 | why is my second review on this tablets? because so many requests of friends to review about this tablet. for that I am looking for some material to reinforce my explanation of this. and we also know that a product there are advantages and disadvantages of each.

Apple iPad 2 is a phenomenon. It’s been rumored for so long, and with so much talk about tablet PCs in general in the past year.
Apple iPad 2
Three major improvements raise the iPad 2 above the original.

1. It’s thinner by a third, and has a slightly smaller surface area thanks to a thinner bezel, with a sloped iPhone-3G-style edge, instead of the original iPad’s squared-off perimeter. It’s also about 25 percent lighter – and you can feel both improvements.
2. The iPad 2 has front and back facing cameras which will enable a bunch of new applications, most importantly FaceTime video chatting.

3. It now has a dual-core 1GHz processor, which, according to Apple, doubles the speed and juices graphics up by nine times.
Apple iPad 2
Where the iPad 2 doesn’t improve are items Apple has notoriously eschewed – external memory expansion and a removable battery, so these are understandable limitations. Apple, however, failed to correct the iPad’s most literally glaring shortfall – its screen is nearly useless in daylight. E-book reader manufacturers like Amazon will continue to have a field day exploiting this weakness.

Aside from a few other minor changes (such as the speaker now being in the rear) the iPad 2 is essentially an original iPad in a tighter dress. As per the original, the iPad 2 has just two connectors – the 3.5mm headphone jack and the 30-pin Apple and gaming are two major reasons why you buy an iPad. As advertised, the second iPad is faster on all accounts – app booting,instead of a speaker behind a grille on the flat perimeter, the iPad 2 has the speaker behind a perforated part of the solid rear casing. The first iPad had enough bass to physically feel the beat of a song when you held it, which the iPad 2 lacks. It also sounds thicker, hollower, and warbles as you move it around.


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