Friday, July 29, 2011

Duracell MyGrid Charging

Duracell MyGrid
Various Gadgets | Duracell MyGrid Charging | MyGrid Duracell Charging is a remarkable tool. when our gadgets like music players, phones, and everything else runs out of battery, then this tool can be a tool that we must have. for more details, I will review the article here.

Duracell MyGrid
Duracell myGrid is a charging pad for wirelessly charging all of your mobile devices. You can plop up to 4 devices onto the myGrid charger mat for immediate charging. There are no more charging cables to worry about, no cord clutter, and it charges as fast as a standard USB 2.0 charger. The only cable involved is the one powering myGrid. The iPhone Starter Kit comes with myGrid and one iPhone 3G/3GS Power Sleeve. Duracell makes Power Sleeves for BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl, and iPod Touch. MyGrid is also compatable with Duracell Power Clips, which function the same way as the Sleeve, but is not a full case for the device. Power Clips are compatible with a much larger array of phones as they include mini-USB, micro-USB, and Nokia adapters.
Duracell MyGrid
What’s in the myGrid iPhone Starter Kit Box:

1 x Duracell myGrid Charging Pad
1 x iPhone Power Sleeve
1 x Power Cable for myGrid
What’s in the Power Clip + Tips Box:

1 x Duracell Power Clip
2 x Micro USB tips
2 x Mini USB tips
1 x Nokia Tip

The myGrid charging pad is very impressive looking. It’s made of 12 thin silver strips, which are the charging contact points. It would make a very classy addition to any desk (just watch out for fingerprints!). The pad itself is very thin, just a couple centimeters. The power cable plugs in to side of the pad, which is about one inch thick at its thickest point. Here it stores all the magic that makes myGrid possible. There is a blue LED on the side that indicates if devices are charging or not. There are no buttons on the device.

The iPhone Power Sleeve is nicer than we expected. The rubber sleeve does not add a noticeable amount of bulk to the iPhone. It adds a nub that protrudes from the bottom of your phone right below the charging port. It also adds a slight protrusion on the back of the phone. There are a bunch of protective iPhone cases that are still bulkier than this. It feels nice in your hand too.
Duracell MyGrid
Duracell’s myGrid takes the clutter and hassle out of charging your mobile devices. You can charge up to four devices at once, with just one cable plugged into the wall. It’s easy to use and there’s virtually no set up involved. There are no on/off buttons; just place the device with its power sleeve or clip on the pad with the metal contact dots face down and it will immediately begin charging. It’s safe to use. It won’t do any damage to your phone, it’s charging mechanism, or battery.

myGrid works exactly as it should. You place the device with it’s power sleeve or clips on to the pad and it charges at full speed without requiring a charger. There’s no lag, charging begins immediately as the device makes contact with the pad.

The performance of the Duracell myGrid was good, but while we would love to believe this form of “wireless charging” is game-changing, it’s not. You’ll need a Power Sleeve or Power Clip for each one of your devices.

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