Thursday, August 11, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Mango


Various Gadgets | Windows Phone 7 Mango | Windows technology giant will launch Windows Phone 7 Mango with a focus on improving communication, multitasking applications, and Internet browsing. Manggo will include new features such as Threads (combination of text, IM and Facebook Chat), a web-based application market, the mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 with support for HTML version 5. For a more complete, can be seen in the following article. 

This latest update release will add a built-in instant messaging is not just for Windows Live Messenger but there is AIM and Facebook. Even when we want to send a message to a group, update Mango provides a smart feature which will determine the messaging system is available for group messages. Windows Phone 7 there are features turn-by-turn navigation which enables voice guidance via GPS for better navigation. There Bing Vision which is similar to the features of Google Goggles has a barcode and QR code scanner, can recognize the Microsoft Tag, can detect the CD, DVD, books and text with OCR.

Windows Phone 7 features like Bing Audio SoundHound or Shazam where smartphones will recognize the song and help us find the music from the internet. To write messages, sms plus dictation that allows us to write sms with sound. Extra features will include the album art on screen lock with the current track and synchronization hub for the game to take the progress of an Xbox 360 on WP7 or vice versa. Xbox Live can be divided into a free version of Silver and Gold versions paid like on the console. Mango IE9 browser engine also brings a much better, multitasking, feature tile on the home better for third-party applications, more direct access to the camera, and better integration with Twitter.

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