Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nokia 500

Nokia 500
Various Gadgets | Nokia 500 | Nokia released the latest Symbian smartphones, the Nokia 500, the entry-level smartphone with touch screen. Finnish handset vendor Nokia announced the 500 as the first Symbian phone with 1 GHz processor. Operating systems supported Anna Symbian operating system, which offers a new experience for users as well as software features have been enhanced, faster web browser and a new version of Ovi Maps.

Nokia 500
Pre-loaded music and entertainment applications such as Shazam Encore, Gig Finder, Lonely Planet and Michelin guides. This smartphone also has access to the latest maps technology from Nokia and optimization of social networking so that users can check in easily.

Nokia 500
Features the Nokia 500 : 
  • Processor 1 GHz and WLAN
  • 5-MP camera, video capture
  • Ovi Maps with free navigation for pedestrians and driving all over the world, Here and Now to find events of interest nearby
  • Ovi Store
  • Music player, stereo FM radio, internet radio
  • Anna-new Symbian for faster browsing and provide an improved touch-screen experience for users, including portrait QWERTY keyboard and a separate screen for the message
  • Easy access to the WLAN via the main screen widgets

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